Nov 8, 2011

Ecologizing Jobs Growth 2

How will we save the planet? ... (read: our civilization) ... at scale to the challenges we face?

Water shortages, extreme weather events, ocean acidification, eWaste disposal, toxic bodycare, land and species conservation; the list of large problems goes on and on. Rectifying these things will require whole system, whole infrastructure revolutions.

Yet we sit at a moment of great opportunity; a moment when our economy must rebuild and our media/political complex has great influence over every citizen's thinking.

What if environmentalists joined together to demand America's next president "ecologize jobs growth"? Environmentalists could recommend that every existing industry and every new, Federal-level economic choice be measured according to social, environmental, and economic impacts. 

How would increasing America's access to oil fare? How would increasing American fuel efficiency standards fare? We could demand that such information be made public via an online, Federal dashboard, for all to view and discuss. How many jobs? For how long? What do they pay? What kinds of pollution? How much pollution? What kinds of health impacts?

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