Dec 24, 2011

Just think of all the cleaner jobs

David Roberts of posted these graphics earlier this month. They came to him via Black & Veatch, an international CO2 reductions firm (click to enlarge).

Two things to note:
  1. Compare the Growth. Slide A shows US renewable energy projects 1929 to 1970. Slide B shows renewable energy projects, planned or implemented, 1971 to present.
  2. Note the Key. Slide B's key indicates a diversity of wind (purple), solar (yellow), biomass (green), and geothermal (brown) projects, all ranging in size from <1 MegaWatt generation to +150 MegaWatts generation. (One megawatt will power roughly 1,000 homes for a year.) 
It'd be great to see a similar layered graph, which shows the # of jobs associated with each installation. As well as one that shows the # of jobs in relative fossil fuel electricity projects.

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