Jan 7, 2012

"The Year in Biomimicry"

The notion of biomimicry fascinates me. In part because it's been in existence for millenia yet is viewed as novel, strange, ridiculous, even today. GreenBiz.com just published a story highlighting their top 10 biomimicry advancements of 2011. #1? 'Researchers finally figure out how to imitate bird flight mechanics' (my paraphrase).

"This device gains both thrust and lift from the flapping of flexible two-part wings, a concept that aeronautic engineers had abandoned in frustration long ago."
You probably remember Da Vinci spent some time on this one.

"Study of the Structure of a Wing. 1490"
(Click to enlarge.)

It's anybody's guess what 2011 flapping wing technology might lead to, but take note, as a field Biomimicry is gaining real cred. Read about how today's scientists and engineers are imitating shrimp, crickets, caterpillars and more to get ahead in business.

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