Feb 1, 2012

US Seems to Have "Escaped Winter" 2012

I found this interesting --  

"For reasons that no major U.S. news outlet can apparently explain, it has been really, really warm in the middle of winter over much of the country," energy expert Joe Romm, appalled yesterday by the L.A. Times. Romm points out that most of America is not having a winter this year but for some reason our media keeps failing to talk to any climate scientists in depth.

So after telling a few bad jokes (wakka wakka wakka) Romm talks to some climate experts here and here. Summary? In a year of heat record seating months, one after the other, January 2012 looks to be second only to August 2011 in number of days breaking national heat records. "January has, statistically, seen an extremely off the charts heat wave for the whole month for most of the country."


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