Mar 21, 2012

What Sustainable Consumers Want

I used to see Raphael Bemporad all over Austin (in the 90s, mostly at honky tonks), so was happy to learn yesterday he's recently emerged as a thought leader in identifying what sustainable consumers want. Raphael and his outstanding young company, BBMG, see the US economy as entering an era of co-creativity -- driven by the demands of sustainable consumers. In a "co-creative" economy consumers are harder to influence with traditional sales tactics (promising fantasy). Products and brands evolve to meet the expectations of savvy people. Thanks in part to today's interactive technologies and platforms such as Good Guide or Etsy, consumers are enjoying ever more influence over the products they buy. Raphael and BBMG believe more and more people are coming to define "living the good life" as "being good citizens," aka. contributing to society via their enlightened consumerism.

In the video below Raphael describes Five Things Brands Can Do to engage, such as "Connecting practical, social, and tribal value into one product experience. Answer "what's in it for we?" and "Harnessing the power of co-creativity so that you with consumers can generate new ideas." 

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Observations about recent consumer trends:


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