Apr 17, 2012

Getting My Attention

 17 Nerdy Examples of Taxonomy Humor. This one reminds me of two things, one - "Yeah, nerds are cool." two - "The world is full of fascinating creatures we struggle to identify."

The $13 Billion Bill for the Elgin Gas Spill. When was this covered? Total's Elgin Gas platform in the North Sea has been estimated to be leaking about 200,000 cubic meters of natural gas a day, "enough to supply more than 100 average homes with natural gas for an entire year." This environmental atrocity could cost oil companies associated with the spill somewhere around $13 billion. My girlfriend, "How does this not make the news? At least I know Kim's with Kanye."

This Can't Be Good -- 14 Million LBS of Toxic Chemicals Dumped into TX Waterways. "Texas waterways are a polluter’s paradise right now." According to Environment Texas, "Industrial facilities dumped 14.6 million pounds of toxic chemicals into Texas’ waterways in 2011, making Texas’ waterways the fourth worst in the nation." I find this particularly interesting as Texans struggles to manage five more years (minimum) of drought. Major rivers such as the Brazos and the Colorado contain known cancer-causing and reproductive toxicants. Thirsty?

North Dakota Now Produces More Crude than the US Imports from Nigeria or Colombia. On April 10 the EIA reported American importation of Nigerian crude oil had halved. Noted economist/blogger, MJ Perry, "domestic production in just the one state of North Dakota now exceeds imports from Nigeria for the first time. EIA crude oil import data shows that North Dakota has been consistently producing more oil than imports from Colombia every month since last June." It's boom time for American oil and natural gas drilling.

USGS Scientists, "Remarkable Increase in U.S. Earthquakes Almost Certainly linked to Oil & Gas Drilling". Another downside of fossil fuels -- "A U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) team has found that a sharp jump in earthquakes in America’s heartland appears to be linked to oil and natural gas drilling operations." The USGS report links dozens and dozens and dozens of earthquakes to fracking, as do British a shale gas developer and the great state of Ohio... Boom time, for sure.

BP Oil Spill Caused ‘Graveyard of Corals'. "After months of laboratory work, scientists say they can definitively finger oil from BP’s blown-out well as the culprit for the slow death of a once brightly colored deep-sea coral community in the Gulf of Mexico that is now brown and dull." Here's a short video from 2010. Coral are the backbone of ocean biology. This week marks the second anniversary of the explosion at BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling platform… More drilling, ya'll?

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