May 23, 2012

Beautiful Iowa Roadsides

Here we are, traveling across the country. The Alejandro tour begins.

Today's a drive from Des Moines to Chicago. Yesterday we flew from NY to Des Moines. Day before? Austin to NY.

My priorities so far have been packing light and playing better. But in a more perfect world i'd be doing all this travel carbon free, recycling water bottles and other junk one picks up touring, subsisting on organic veggie proteins, looking great in all organic fashion and etc.

My bandmates and I do have the nontoxic body care thing pretty well together, and we're grown men--so wasting towels, trashing rooms, and such like is out the question. In the grand scheme those little actions hardly help the planet enough, but they do mean we have a lot of respect for the people taking care of us. And I'm finding that may be one of the qualities most missing from our Western culture.

Humility. Respect.

Al comes from a family of 12 kids, his father a Mexican immigrant, his mom 1st gen Mexican-American.

Bobby, bass player, hails from Alabama. I'm the product of a democrat baptist minister and a life-long school teacher. We know we're not any more special or deserving than anyone else. We're on the road for at least the next 10 weeks working hard, enjoying ourselves, and trying to share that with other people.

Maybe that and a little enlightened honesty is the best any of us can ever do.

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